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Aagaman Couture

Intertwined into the finest maze of creativity and innovation using Lucknowi chikankari threads & glistening mukaish work, bringing the old "Awadhi Charm'' elegance of chikankari to mainstream and focusing on the rarefied craft of creating one-of-a-kind and made to measure garment. Amalgamating the modern day styles with classics. 

Aagaman Couture' is a love letter drafted with passion for Old Lucknow by the acclaimed fashion couturier, Neha Asthana Meena.

The Jaipur-based couture unit was launched in 2019 and has since then made its way into the hearts of the fashion enthusiasts residing there. From gorgeous lehengas, sarees, simple salwar kameez and western outfits - this couture collection showcases all your favourite traditional & modern ensembles with immaculate fittings. 

Explore with us, the new age fashion phenomena of " Capsule wardrobe"and discover pampering your inner self with love and bliss.

Aagaman Family Fashion - 


Flaunt your presence in an ensemble that is stunningly beautiful in classic Chikankari and design which brings out the essence of intimacy and connectivity with your loved ones. In this era of twinning and coordination we love to bring about that feel and zeal of coordinated outfits. Let's celebrate life by harnessing the power of colours for all occasions and moments with your loved ones, with coordinated outfits, precise immaculate fittings and exquisite embroidery options, along with complementing custom accessories for the look we always desired.

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  1. Mahagauri
  2. Kalaratri
  3. Katyayani
  4. Skandmata
  5. Kushmanda
  6. Kali
  7. White Mirror Work Lehenga
  8. Vasudha
  9. Shalee-38
  10. Ojasvini-38
  11. Chitrinee-38
  12. Ridhi-38
Grid List

Items 1-12 of 104

Set Descending Direction