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Aagaman Sutra

When was the last time you stopped and took a moment to celebrate yourself? 

You know you are more than your physical body and you create your life with the law of attraction. We understand the law of attraction and the sciences behind it to harness the  power of the Universe so that it works for you. 

Sutra is the cord connecting us to the Universe, to the divine energies your higher self holds. Sutra is based on the color sciences and energies related to different colors or prana (we might need to explain what is prana if possible ) . Units of White color or prana are absorbed by the chakras or energy centers where they are broken down into different components. So when white prana is digested, it produces six types of colour prana - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Prana is the life energy that keeps the body alive and healthy.When You are in the ocean of life energy, your life energy level increases.


How different color pranas affect our chakras? 


Chakras or energy centers that have control over the holistic functioning of our physical and energy bodies are different from each other in appearance.The functioning of the chakras are closely related with the colour pranas they emit. Chakra colours often reveal the state of health that a particular chakra is in. Colour pranas have different properties that influence the internal workings of our bodies. We are offering a complete clothing range of healing colors which you can buy according to your chakras functionality and align your chakras in the best way possible. 


Your Personal Custom made "Aagaman Sutra" :


We here at Sutra go through 3 level consultations where a person can express in which areas of life he or she wants to grow and prosper. Consultations are done to assist you more efficiently on what colors you should buy according to the state of your chakras. 


The 3 levels:


    ■Basic (1100/-) -  Area and Chakras Scanning, Prana Shakti Scan 


    ■Advance (2100/-) - Numerology, 15 mins Consultation


    ■Premium (5100/-) - Detailed Numerology and Astrology 6 months


You can buy directly from our healing colors range or can go through consultations for more assistance and deeper accuracy. 

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  1. Short Dress
    Short Dress
  2. Bat-Wing Style
  3. Drape Dress
    Drape Dress
  4. Ruffle Co-ordset
  5. One Sided Drape
  6. Co-ordset
  7. Blazer 3pc set
  8. Scalap Neck Kurat
  9. Gather A line DRess
  10. ZOE-Green
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  11. Rhea-Green
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  12. Calista-Green
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Grid List

Items 1-12 of 29

Set Descending Direction